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Our Food Truck Services


Food Trucks

How Can We Help Your Food Truck Business?

The challenges, obstacles and barriers to run a successful food business or food truck are plenty. Many food entrepreneurs and food truck owners are in need of a convenient and consistent location to operate their business. Essential Commissary offers a commercial kitchen, storage and preparation space to give your business the edge it needs to expand and grow. In addition, we offer services specifically for food trucks such as 24 hour parking and electric hookup.

Our Food Truck Services Include

  • 24 hour parking
  • Easy highway access
  • Electric hookup
  • Water
  • Grey water disposal
  • Grease disposal
  • Kitchen reservation access
  • Reserved storage for dry goods
  • Reserved storage for refrigerated/frozen food
  • Shared preparation space
Parked Food Truck
cooking oil disposal

Cooking Oil Disposal

Loading door

Loading Door

security camera

Food Truck Surveillance

Ready To Team Up With Essential Commissary?

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