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About Us


Our Story

Essential Commissary was created by Pam Johnson to assist food entrepreneurs in Cincinnati, Ohio. The journey began when her sister, son and daughter-in-law started the Empanadas Aqui food truck in 2014. Pam often worked on the truck so she witnessed the obstacles and barriers food entrepreneurs face as they work to expand their company.

The challenges to run a successful food business are plenty. Many food entrepreneurs and food truck owners are in need of a convenient and consistent location to operate their business. However, many find that establishing their own commercial kitchen is cost prohibitive in both time and money. Pam spoke with local food truck owners and food entrepreneurs to learn about their struggles, leading to the concept of the Essential Commissary.

After learning more about the food industry and the needs of the area, the conclusion was to create a shared-use commercial kitchen centrally located in the Cincinnati metropolitan area. That place is Essential Commissary, providing much-needed services to food entrepreneurs.

Pam Johnson, Owner Empanadas Aqui

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